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New York, NY(PRWEB) March 14, 2008 — In a major innovation in media distribution, multicultural households in North America can now choose My Broadband TV, a personalized broadcast television delivery platform that offers a premium television experience via broadband.


"My Broadband TV has been running a pilot for more than a year and a half, to exploit the best delivery system that can be offered to those who truly believe in lean-back comfort," says Daniel Shah of My Broadband TV. "My Broadband TV provides viewers with the hardware to access television programming from around the world and facilitates easy, instant interactivity with the exploding internet Protocol Television (IPTV) market."


My Broadband TV (available online at allows high-speed access via a set-top box, routing television content through a DSL router, cable modem, or wireless LAN with standard video connectors. The service can be used on any public internet or household that is connected to 1mb line. No additional hardware is required, and customers can run PC applications simultaneously.


The set-top box delivers unlimited mainstream and international television channels and radio channels, web browsing, telephony using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for local and long-distance calling, combined with video conferencing, gaming, secure electronic payment transactions, Video on Demand, Pay-Per-View, and live events. It also serves as a personal digital recorder (DVR), plays CDs and DVDs, allows instant personal messaging and instant chat capability, and has HD Home Theater, music box, electronic program guide, and Now / Next program navigation.


The My Broadband TV set-top box is easily self-installed and inexpensive, subsidized at between $100 and $200, depending on the functionality and the length of commitment. My Broadband TV will serve as the gateway to all the content providers who are looking out for their subscribers across North America, without the restrictions of today’s limited capacity cable and satellite networks. It has the scalable, robust media NOCs in the United States, as well as uplinking facilities for satellite channels in Asia and Europe.


My Broadband TV’s state-of-the-art US and international call centers are staffed with customer service representatives proficient in several languages, operating 24 hours a day. Through the development of web-based remote management systems, technical staff can monitor, manage and control technical equipment at remote head-ends as well as troubleshoot set-top box technical service matters.


"My Broadband TV spells outstanding value for consumers, offering not only state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology, but content delivered in a compelling format at an unbeatable price, billed only for what you select," says Shah. "Its advantages include a lower cost base, a wide choice of content, easy set-up, and better signal quality, which allow us to pass on extraordinary value and service to customers nationwide."


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