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With the numerous things that can and do effect your internet connection speed how do you tell what connection speed you are actually operating at? You can easily determine the speed of your internet connection bandwidth by using this tool .

This application which can evaluate your connection speed by evaluating your true download and upload speeds is the free Internet speed test. This test is offered free of charge. Once you have tested your connection you can review the test data against the connection speed data provided by your ISP.

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To better understand your internet speed you should compare your result with the table of internet speed and associated internet service provider (technology) .

Standard Service Your Speed
274 Mbps T4
155 Mbps OC3
45 Mbps T3
34 Mbps E3
10 Mbps Ethernet
6.3 Mbps T2
3 Mbps Cable Modem
2 Mbps E1
1.5 Mbps DSL / T1
400 kbps Satellite
128 kbps ISDN
56 kbps 56k Modem
28 kbps 28k Modem
14.4 kbps 14k Modem
14.4 kbps Vic 20 or C64

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