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Contrary to what you see on their ads, sites are bound to suffer some downtime every now and then. You should not be alarmed since this is only normal. However, there is a time limit. Normally the longest would be an hour unless something tragic has struck.

Once this happens, you can more or less measure the competency of your service provider. If simple hosting cannot be handled by their servers, chances are you should look for another one. Hosting is quite simple and if the hardware they have cannot accommodate your needs, then don?t be surprised to see them fold up in the end.

As far as technical support is concerned, you can use this as well as a gauge to see how competent your ISP is. Some offer a round the clock assistance since they know how valuable the Internet is to people today.

Some would follow a certain period of time like the usual 9 to 6 and only on Mondays to Fridays schedule. These are normally the companies that feel that they have lesser problems to be incurred. While some are this confident, you just have to make sure that nothing goes wrong. And for it is worth, anything can hit, even the big providers we know in our area today.

While we all want to have our own dedicated servers for our site files and applications, we can always make do of shared hosting since bandwidths may vary or may be under-utilized. This is especially true for start-up sites. It takes time to build web traffic and chances are you can wisely save up for now while you are in the process of building.

It may sound like additional work. But in the end you will see that a cost-conscious approach will reap you dividends in the end. Establishing your site is the hardest part of it all. After a few months you will find yourself relaxing and watching traffic simply go by.

Before you sign on the dotted line, take a while to study what certain providers have to offer. They may con you into their usual press releases and advertising campaign leaflets but nothing beats really seeing what they have to offer as far as supportive hardware to what they want to accomplish is concerned.

It is easy to create a written or verbal claim. But actions are different especially once you are tied up with them. Remember, most providers would normally want you to be under contract with them for about a year or two and should you find their services below average, you will end up losing on both counts; money and technology service.

Promotional and misleading schemes are the common things you can expect from new ISP providers today. They will offer your free trials but you will have to give something in return. Normally this would be safety deposits or even credit card information that they will keep after the trial period is over.

Now the real cheat comes in when if you fail to reply or even inform them of your intent to discontinue, they will assume you are satisfied and start charging you. Whether it is for a full amount or not, you can be sure that they will not lose anything as far as their marketing strategy for their services is concerned.

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