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Increase Network Redirector Buffers

If you increase the number of network redirector buffers it may considerably increase your network throughput. Each extra execution thread that you configure will take 1K of additional nonpaged pool memory, but only if your applications actually use them.

To configure additional buffers and threads, edit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesLanmanWorkstationParameters Modify or Add Value of type REG_DWORD for:

MaxCmds=dword:00000064 – range is 0 – 255 and the default value is 15. Set to a higher number, try 64 for starters.

MaxThreads=dword:00000064 – set to the same value as MaxCmds.

MaxCollectionCount in the same key is a DWORD buffer for  character-mode named pipes writes. You might want to increase it from te default 16 as well, its’ range is 0 – 65535.

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