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T-Mobile Opens Home Internet Signups In Michigan; House Passes Massive Broadband Bill That Doesn't Suck; + more news - - Thu, 09 Jul 2020

T-Mobile opens Home Internet signups in Michigan
House Passes Massive Broadband Bill That Surprisingly Doesn't Suck
T-Mobile Winning 5G Coverage War - By a Wide Margin
CTA Asks FCC for Early Jump on 5G Devices: Seeks rule change or waiver to allow importation, marketing, pre-sales
More pre-installed malware has been found in budget US smartphones
AT&T, T-Mobile outshine Verizon in Q2 mobile performance
Dish remains committed to splashing the cash on additional T-Mobile 5G spectrum
With a record number of bidders, CBRS auction estimates rise to $10B
Comcast launches Sling TV on 'Flex' streaming platform
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AT&T, Comcast Attempt To Crush Maine Privacy Law Squashed; New Unemployed Need Affordable Broadband Option; + more news - - Wed, 08 Jul 2020

Court Shoots Down AT&T, Comcast Attempt To Crush Maine Privacy Law
FCC's Starks: Newly Unemployed Need Affordable Broadband Option
Alphabet's Loon internet balloons launch in Kenya in first commercial deployment
Does First Amendment let ISPs sell Web-browsing data? Judge is skeptical
Comcast plans to invest $2B in Peacock by 2021, expects it to generate $2.5B in revenue by 2024 with 30M-35M users, says users gravitate to its curated channels
Verizon is close to replacing Nokia with Samsung as its major 5G supplier
5G iPhone could get a big boost from US wireless carriers
Apple and T-Mobile are being hit with a class action lawsuit over a security flaw that exposed iMessages and FaceTime calls
What is Starlink? Elon Musk s satellite internet service explained
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AT&T: Data Plans Not Misleading Because We Got Caught; Google Fiber Expands For First Time In Four Years; + more news - - Tue, 07 Jul 2020

AT&T argues being misleading about data plans isn't misleading because reporters caught them
Google Fiber's first expansion in four years is in West Des Moines
US government's Lifeline broadband subsidy program only serves under one-fifth of the 38M qualified households, with some blaming FCC's Ajit Pai
CenturyLink Turns to Fixed Wireless to Meet CAF II Deadlines
Dish Network's Ergen has a big appetite for 5G spectrum
Verizon disappoints, AT&T surprises, and T-Mobile shines in new 5G speed tests
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US is looking at banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps amid rising tensions between US and China
H.266 Standard to Bring High Quality Video to Slower Broadband
AT&T updates first responder offer to include teachers, nurses and physicians
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Did AT&T Just Scuttle DirecTV With Latest Price Hike; 5G Was Supposed To Unite The World, Not Tear Us Apart; + more news - - Mon, 06 Jul 2020

Did AT&T Just Scuttle DirecTV With Another Price Hike?
5G was going to unite the world - instead it s tearing us apart
Sen. Bennet Seeks Answers on FCC 5G Plan - Cites GAO finding that FCC does not have sufficient performance goals
Here are nine new things that 5G can do now with Release 16
Another AT&T Streaming Service May Be Doomed
France won't ban Huawei gear from its 5G networks but will ask carriers not to install it
NCTA Applauds Rural Broadband Acceleration Act - Bill eliminates ETC status requirement for broadband subsidies
New Mac ransomware is even more sinister than it appears
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5G mmWave Silence From AT&T, T-Mobile Becomes Deafening; AT&T Sued For A Second Time Over Crypto Thefts; + more news - - Fri, 03 Jul 2020

5G mmWave silence from AT&T, T-Mobile becomes deafening
AT&T Sued for a Second Time over Crypto Thefts in Phone Hacks
House OKs $100B broadband plan with $50 monthly discounts for poor people
Streaming TV services' inability to negotiate their way out of the bundle system that has dominated regular cable for years is resulting in higher prices
TiVo weaves HBO Max into new Stream 4K platform
NCTA Applauds Rural Broadband Acceleration Act
Race to 5G: Putting 5G to the Test
New Fios Subs Get Hulu as Well as Disney Plus
Call of Duty update drives 'broadband traffic's busiest day ever'
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UK Government Appears to Soften 2025 Gigabit Broadband Goal - Thu, 09 Jul 2020

Remember that £5bn pledge by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to have “gigabit broadband sprouting in every home” by the end of 2025 (here)? Perhaps unsurprisingly, it now looks like the Government are watering down their language on that to “go as far as we possibly can by 2025.” Yesterday published a summary of […]

BT and Vodafone Seek 5-7 Years to Pull Huawei or Risk Blackouts - Thu, 09 Jul 2020

Senior broadband and mobile figures from UK telecoms giants BT and Vodafone have today warned cross-party MPs on the Science and Technology Committee that they’d need at least 5-7 years to fully remove Huawei’s kit from their networks, or “blackouts” could be a risk. The cost may also rise into the billions. As most people […]

AVM Release Big Update for FRITZ!Box Routers and WiFi Repeaters - Thu, 09 Jul 2020

Consumers in the UK who own one of AVM’s popular FRITZ!Box broadband routers or a FRITZ!Repeater (WiFi) may like to know that they’ve released a major new firmware update – FRITZ!OS 7.20. The new software adds lots of improvements, such as support for WPA3 encryption, better WiFi, DNS over TLS and faster performance. The roll-out […]

PHOTOS: Fluorescent turtle embryo wins forty-fifth annual Nikon Small World Competition - Mon, 21 Oct 2019

PHOTOS: Fluorescent turtle embryo wins forty-fifth annual Nikon Small World CompetitionThe winners of the 45th annual competition showcase a spectacular blend of science and artistry under the microscope.

7 tax scams to watch out for this year - Sun, 07 Apr 2019

7 tax scams to watch out for this yearIn case wringing your hands over the tax man weren’t enough, criminals are out there trying to swipe your hard-earned cash and personal information from right under your nose.

Mother Angry After School's Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter's Name As A Racial Slur - Thu, 02 Nov 2017

Mother Angry After School's Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter's Name As A Racial SlurThe daughter's name is Nicarri.