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Top 3 Ways to Speed Up Your PC Internet Connection

Why is your internet connection speed so slow?
Because you have not been nice to your bandwidth

There are number of simple and easy ways to speed up your PC on the internet. Most of these solutions will cost you absolutely nothing. So before you invest in a program that will speed up your internet access. Take the time to perform a few maintenance tips to speed up your PC on the net.

The most important thing to remember is that your internet bandwidth has a limit. You paid for this limitation when you signed up to your internet service provider. So, treat your bandwidth as a precious commodity. If your PC speed on the internet is slow, its probably the result of improper use of your bandwidth.

Here are the best ways to speed up your PC on the internet.

1. Use a Firewall

A Firewall allows you to control both incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your PC. The more programs you allow to use your bandwidth, the slower your PC speed on the net becomes. Control the traffic stop the congestion and erosion of your bandwidth.

2. Eliminate Index.dat files

These are little demons that will significantly slow down your computer’s internet speed. Microsoft designed these secret human unreadable files to re-record all your internet history. All viewed web pages, downloads, even this article is logged there. These files can grow up 100 megabytes. These large files requires CPU constant access and bandwidth. Microsoft claims the files were originally designed to increase internet speed by mimicking a server. But it does the opposite because these files are re-record your internet history. This requires double the bandwidth of other files. Speed up your PC on the internet by eliminating these files.

3. Use a proxy

This is a very simple procedure that will speed up your PC internet access as much as 30%. Proxies allow you to surf through a server. This server network can load thousands of popular web pages. Therefore, there is no reason to use bandwidth to access them. They are already pre-loaded. This will speed up your PC internet access time considerably.

Don’t waste your money on programs to speed up your PC internet connection. They simply remove your internet history and index.dat files. You can do this with a few clicks.

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